Digital Device

Eco Digital Implant

3D Printer DIO PROBO Z

Experience the exceptional quality of
3D output made possible by DIO's proprietary,
state-of-the-art printing materials,
optimized printing process, and faster printing speed
with the upgraded engine.
Dimension 300 x 378 x 484mm
Light Wavelength 405nm
Weight 20kg
Build Volume 105.6x59.4x80mm
Type DLP
XY Resolution 55um
Touch Screen 7inch
Layer 25, 50, 100um
High resolution
& Accuracy
1920 x 1080 Full HD DLP
for high quality prostheses
auto setting
Tag ID on material casing to the printer
to automatically configure material setting
Touch panel
& Intuitive UI
Improved usability with touch panel and
intuitive UI
DIOnavi. 3D Printing Material
The latest photopolymer bio-compatible dental 3D printing material suitable for digital dental treatment

DIO's proprietary line-up of five 3D printing material types

DIOnavi-Denture02 DIOnavi-Model DIOnavi-SG DIOnavi-P.MAX DIOnavi-Cast02